Learning Support

All young learners need help in some shape or form.Each child is unique, and each child has distinct learning requirements. Inclusiveness is a key aspect for international curriculum as this caters to valuing diversity and individuality.Inclusive education involves responding positively to each student’s unique learning profile, including students with diverse learning needs. It enables students and teachers to respond to learners who require learning support in a flexible manner.

Our Learning Support includs supporting students academic and non-academic pursuits to help them attain their potential, Remedial support, language support, enrichment programmes.This could be anything from working closely with a teacher aide, to having special IT equipment.


Remedial Support

Remedial programs at LOTS are designed to close the gap between what students know and what they’re expected to know. It emphasizes reteaching the core skills as per the child’s needs. They offer extra support to help students catch up to their peers. It is a plan that is adapted to the school’s own needs and aims at creating an inclusive and language friendly learning environment for all students.
Remedial programs for younger kids tend to focus on reading or math. Programs for older kids also include other areas like science and social studies.

Language Support

Language support is extended to students whose first or second language is not English and who need additional English language help to develop reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills. With language support, all children can have access to a language friendly-learning environment where they feel accepted and valued for who they are.
Language support teachers work to develop learners’ ability to use English effectively for the purpose of practical communication. They also work towards forming a solid foundation for the skills required for future studies.