Leadership Development

Enterpreneurship and Innovation Programme

Lusaka Oaktree School (LOTS) offers an entrepreneurship programme to equip students with skills and knowledge to start their own businesses or pursue careers in entrepreneurship. The programme is designed to be hands-on, practical and interactive to give students a real-world experience in entrepreneurship.
The entrepreneurship programme covers various aspects of entrepreneurship, including business idea generation, market research, product development, financial management, marketing, and sales. The programme also includes mentorship and coaching from experienced entrepreneurs and business professionals who provide guidance and support to students throughout their entrepreneurial journey.
In addition to classroom instruction, students in the entrepreneurship programme participate in various entrepreneurship-related activities, such as entrepreneurship fairs, business plan competitions, and entrepreneurship clubs. These activities provide students with opportunities to network with other students, entrepreneurs and investors, as well as to showcase their entrepreneurial ideas and products.

service learning

Service learning is an integral part of the Lusaka Oaktree School curriculum. It is a teaching method that combines community service with academic instruction, emphasizing critical thinking and personal reflection while encouraging a heightened sense of civic responsibility.
LOTS believes in the importance of experiential learning, and service learning is a perfect opportunity to develop well-rounded and responsible individuals. By engaging in service learning, students can apply academic theories and concepts in real-world settings while also enhancing their understanding of social issues and developing a sense of compassion towards others.
Service learning opportunities are available to students across all grade levels. LOTS has established partnerships with various local organizations, such as orphanages, hospitals, and environmental groups, where students can volunteer their time and skills to make a meaningful impact in the community. Through service learning, LOTS students develop a sense of social responsibility, leadership skills, teamwork, and self-awareness. Additionally, service learning provides an opportunity for students to develop skills and qualities that are highly valued by universities and employers.
LOTS recognizes the importance of giving back to the community and encourages its students to do the same. Service learning is just one way that LOTS instills its values of empathy and social responsibility in its students, helping them become positive change-makers in the world.