Counselling Service

We live in a world that is changing constantly. These changes create complex challenges for students as they anticipate their future.

Counselling is provided at various levels to address students' emotional, social, and behavioural needs. Counselling involves much more than simply offering advice. School counselling addresses issues that may affect students’ academic performance, which includes psychosocial and behavioural challenges.


It is a driving force in creating a smooth and welcoming atmosphere for students. It enables in changing attitudes and developing the skills and competencies needed to make sound decisions. Our counsellors also assist teachers, provide consultation, and deliver lessons about social skills or emotional learning.

For many youngsters, school and life in general present an endless list of demands and challenges. A school counsellor is there to help them whenever they need.
School-based counselling primarily tries to assist children in functioning smoothly in school, as well as with their classmates, teachers, parents, and society at large. It is always aimed at enhancing the adaptive functionality of a child’s mind.

Guidance and counselling at LOTs is an integral and transformative program, not a marginal and supplemental activity. Effective counselling programs are important to the school climate and a crucial element in improving student achievement.